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  1. Gulsen

    Press X and go to Jewel bank. You have 150 Credits and you can buy from GR Shop. Gulsen out!
  2. Gulsen

    There are players with 2-3 GR with set FO +15 ddi+7%, wings +15 fo, rings, etc.... I am out of this topic!
  3. Gulsen

    I don't know and i don't care. I have written on this topic what problems i have met during my gameplay...i can't have 1 piece of set fo +15 with 1 GR and others can. How? I don't know and nobody cares if the server has -1 player on the counter It depends of what you want...money or gameplay or try to combine these two This is my last reply on this topic regarding these concers...i am playing on this server because i have nothing to do, but soon i will find something and then i am out, because the reasons are explained above in this topic. I know very well the concers are 0 in admins' eyes. Have a nice day
  4. Gulsen

    You are wrong. I am playing without any donation. First i have to buy zen from website because there is no 6 BILION ZEN on all maps. Jwls? You have to make quests to earn jwls or to stay afk in arena to pick up 2-3-4 jwls and of course other players come and kill you on spots. Sets? Weapons? It's a joke. For 1 GR you obtain 150 credits. So you can't buy anything from GR Shop. So you give 6 bilion zen, huge amount of jwls to make 1 GR for nothing. Then you need to make another GR maybe to buy a useless weapong from GR Shop with 300-400 credits. So now i am asking you. Where is the balance between me and donate players? I have to play maybe 6-7 months to obtain what they have in 12 days. In 6-7 months there will be no players anymore. I agree that donate players should have advantages against us, but is so huge the advantages that i have no interest to play anymore...wasting time for nothing and maybe other players think the same like me
  5. Gulsen

    There is a huge difference between regular player and donate player. They have FO set +15, unlimited items, wings, jwls, etc and a regular player doesn t have even ZEN to make RR....think about this! 150 credits for 1 GR is so annoying...we can't even buy 1 weapon or 1 piece of set....
  6. Gulsen

    Totally agree with you This server is pay2win. They care about donators and not regular players. To make 1 GR you need at least 5 bilion zen .. How can you earn 5 bilion when the drop is like nothing in all maps? You need to buy from website with 250 wC. And then you can obtain wC if you make RR or vote every 24hr hours. Otherwise you can't continue the game. Invasion? It's useless. Only 3-4 golden per map and you can't kill any golden, because the donators come and kill you near the golden. So you can't obtain any golden and any box. Sets? I have seen that many players have set +15 fo, because of course they have donated and it''s easy to go everywhere (BC, DS, you have unlimited zen and so on). I hope the admins will try to balance the donate players with regular players, because i think after 30 days it's over with regular players on this server. I have played a lot of hours and i have tried to obtain boxes, jwls, zen, but it's nearly impossible to even think to catch the donators GR? It's useless. 150 credits for first GR? You can't even buy a weapon. 5bilion zen and a lot of jewels for 1 GR and we can't EVEN buy something from GR Shop. It's first server where i see this kind of prices After 30 days you see how many players you have with this attitude against regular players The difference between regular player and donators is like the distance from USA to China from the east side. I will tell you a story admin. I have to kill 5 red dragon for quest, because the regular players don't have jewels and they have to stay and farm them to make RR and GR. It's every 5 hours the Red Dragon Invasion. I caught 1 dragon yestarday and till i tried to kill him, 1 donator came and kill me and i lost the red dragon and of course the quest is now much harder. In the end, i would like to share with you, players and admins, that i don't think something will be changed, because the regular players mean nothing on this server. They are only a number in online players counter on website and in-game. Admins make a character and play and you will see how you create the gameplay. It's horrible i will tell you straight Good luck and i wish something will be changed!
  7. Gulsen

    You have to create an accont and then you vote every 12 hrs or 24hrs and after 1 hour you will receive 10 wCoins and it's only 1 website...
  8. Switch the Arena to Non PvP. A lot of players come to kill everyone on ALL spots. We can't level up on this map with these kind of players! The problem is that the respawn is in lorencia and not in Arena. If you want PVP then create the respawn there and not in Lorencia Take the Destroyer(MG) - he came 20th times to kill everyone on ALL spots. Is this PVP or what?
  9. Agree with the above guy...it's PVP, not PVE. We are not here to wait 6 months to do PVP
  10. I have a suggestion about this It's ok to need jwls and zen, but the main problem is the DROP. I couldn't obtain 1 mil zen from ground / mobs as well as for jwls. My suggestion is to increase the drop for zen and jwls because it's very annoying to waste many hours to make quests ... We can collect 4000 zen from the ground. 4000 ZEN and for reset we need 10 mil zen
  11. Gulsen

    Yes Every time i press P it's like this So i stop to press P anymore ^^
  12. Gulsen

    See attached the photo. Only if i press P(party) and then i have to relog because it remains like this...
  13. Gulsen

    Hi If i press P(party), suddenly all the language is like Chinese letters *#@*#@@ 232 P. Something like this and to solve this i have to relog to my account. Only if i press P i have this problem so i can't see where my party members are(coordinates). Thanks
  14. Gulsen

    But we don t receive wCoins for them, i voted
  15. Gulsen

    Could you add more vote links for server? I see only one : https://mu.mmotop.ru/ in Vote reward and it's in russian language.. Maybe Xtreamtop100 and so on are good also. Thanks
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