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  1. MokraIza

    Hello guys, i just want to thank you for spending togheter time. I leave this sever because its AFK server, its too boring to play only for RESETS. It looks like - lvl 1 - lorencia, lvl 40 - devias3, lvl 100 losttower3, lvl 140 tarkan, lvl 160 icaurs, lvl 200 arena and next 7h afk. I havent meet any Game master online, no one cares about server. No point to even play here ,only resets. Number of online shows 130+ but : 50 - acc's leaved 15 days ago or more, but still online ( offline attack) standing in lorencia or devias. 50 - accs offline attacks on spot, leaved 3+ days ago 15 - online players who are PLAYING this game, but in 99% are they russians and i dont even fucking know what are they talking about. 15 - 2nd's acc of this 15 active players. i bet if admin make reset server - i mean, turn off for 1min and turn online again, there will be like 30 players online , not more. ITS FUCKING BORING. I was talking with Admin's here on skype and i proposited to help u with make this server better and more online. But he is scared about other nationals. So there u go, u got ur russian AFK server. It should be called MuAFKill . i let my accounts - MokraIza and Jinx to Lanc , only he answered on /post. So its him now, if it is not legal to let someone account - ban my champions or just delete it. Thanks for playing, wish u all the best. Dawid.
  2. MokraIza

    Look at this like that - Now u got 130 players online. Few of them are champions to trade - AFK. A lot of ppl has 2 accounts or even 3 active. I got oppened like now 3 windows with MU. 30% are just offline attack - a lot of them will never back ,but in statistics they are online. There is like 40/50 active humans in real. This count could be twice or even triple if u open ur gates to rest of world ? like i said - muanthill has high potential to be legendary MU. Just like psychic-doom in 2001-2010 ?
  3. MokraIza

    Well u just need someone who will deal with english speaking ppl in west europe everyone speaks english - even kids. But there we still need someone who speak in english to be online sometimes in game. Russian ppl are not bad, they are very nice, i have been playing a lot of time and 90% guys ( and girls) are really nice. So there is no problem with ppl. This server is really good configurated, it gives fun - muanthill has really bhigh potential to be more famous than now. You just need someone to help with advertisement. we need to broaden our horizons.
  4. MokraIza

    hello guys, i just wanna say that there is no only russian players or another countries witch one use russian language, there is also some ppl from other countries - like me. I suggest that you (admins) should use some english language too, because in 90% times i cant undrstand u ,and google traslator is a little retarded. I really like this server, im playing from previous edition (x1000) and i had so much fun. I made a lot or resets and i was waiting for this serv but its a little too hard, u already got server x100 and u shouldnt copy that only because players are more than on x1000. No matter what u do ill stay with us because i like configuration, but i miss english language from admins on forums and also on game - game masters speak only in russian. I am playing Mu online since 2000 year and i had also my own server, on many servers i was Mod on forum and also game master on game. I can help u a lot if u want. U lose so many players only because its server dedicated to russian speak players. I think if u promote more server on world ,number of players online should me x3 or even x4 more. It also means that ull get more money from donations or other VIPs :) My nickname from x1000 was Marcelinka, Issabell , you can check it if u want - admins. Have a nice day.
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